Gas Chromatography Columns

We offer capillary columns made with genuine OV® liquid phases, that are individually tested and supplied with a test Chromatogram. Custom lengths and film thickness available upon request. Ohio Valley also offers Gas Chromatography Packed Columns in glass, metal, and PTFE and several different Gas Chromatography Column Packings.

Capillary Columns

Capillary Columns

We produce all of our GC Capillary columns from fused silica tubing. We typically use highly advanced deactivation techniques at extreme temperatures to ensure that our GC capillary columns are the most inert possible. Each capillary column is tested individually.

Capillary Columns

Packed Columns

Ohio Valley has over 50 years of experience in packing preparation and column techniques. We offer GC Packed Columns in glass, metal, and PTFE. Columns are supplied with brass fittings, unless otherwise listed. Custom GC packed columns are also available.

Column Packings

Ohio Valley offers several GC Column Packings on our website. These are supplied in 20 gram unit sizes, unless otherwise specified. Custom GC Column Packings are also available.

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